Spain’s Highways Just got a lot More Colorful

  •  The drive along some of Spain’s highways just got a lot more colorful for thousands of motorists lucky enough to glimpse one of ten semi-trucks decorated with murals by artists like Javier Arce, Okuda San Miguel, Daniel Muñoz and Marina Vargas.
  • Initiated in 2015, the project will add a further 7 artists this year.
  • Eventually, 100 pieces of artwork are planned for the “Truck Art Project”.
  • The program’s goal is to bring the vivid street art styles of urban areas to public places where they are not normally seen, such as small towns and villages.
  • Art collector and trucking company owner Jaime Colsa organized the project in collaboration with Iam Gallery Madrid.
  • Several trucks are designed to house exhibitions inside with works by artists who have participated in the project, thus taking the concept a step further by creating mobile galleries.
  • The project is currently developing an app to track where each truck goes using a geo-location system.
  • This new-found exposure could inspire and foster a future generation of artists!

“The initiative thus becomes a living showcase of the latest trends in painting, drawing and street art in our country”

-Jamie Colsa

A truck with artwork. Art by suso 33, photo by Truck Art Project.
A truck with artwork. Art by suso 33, photo by Truck Art Project.


Author: Nicholas Efthimiadis

Seattle grown. Avid skier and occasional ski racer. Passionate about all things urban (particularly transportation & housing). University of Washington 2016 graduate: BA in Economics and a minor in Urban Design and Planning. Extensive experience in fictitious cartography and sand-city molding.