Madrid Plans to Put Gardens on top of its Buses

  • Madrid has unveiled plans to plant gardens on the rooftops of its buses and bus stops in a bid to boost its green credentials.
  • This project is one of many that’s been introduced in the Spanish capital since the election of left-wing mayor Manuela Carmena in 2015.
  • The plan will cost around €2,500 for buses – less for the bus stops – and will involve special irrigation systems to avoid leakage.
  • The idea is for the gardens to soak up noise, heat and pollution, creating a healthier city.
  • Muévete en verde, as it’s called in Spanish, was chosen as one of six innovative projects to improve the city from 800 entries and will start with a pilot project on the number 27 and  34 bus routes.
  • According to the plan’s organizers, these routes travel along the busiest corriders of the city from north to south and saw 17 million people ride them in 2015.
  • The gardens are grown and implemented on buses by PhytoKinetic, a company operating in Barcelona, Girona and Palma de Mallorca.
  • The plants used are adapted to the local climate and formed by metallic meshes interwoven with sustainable materials that enable the fitting to withstand movement.

Feature photo by PhytoKinetic.

Author: Nicholas Efthimiadis

Seattle grown. Avid skier and occasional ski racer. Passionate about all things urban (particularly transportation & housing). University of Washington 2016 graduate: BA in Economics and a minor in Urban Design and Planning. Extensive experience in fictitious cartography and sand-city molding.

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